Prepare Yourself to Take the Cambridge Linguaskill English Test

Self-learning and instructor-led courses are available to help you score your best in the Cambridge Linguaskill English Test.

Cambridge Linguaskill is one of the easiest English tests to prepare for. There are various options, suited to different learners, to ensure that you will be ready to take the Cambridge Linguaskill test in peak condition.

There are two main types of prep materials:

  1. Self-learning online prep materials.
  2. Instructor-led prep classes.

A. Self-learning Online Prep Materials

The self-learning online prep materials are suitable for those who are looking for a convenient way to prepare themselves for the Cambridge Linguaskill English test.

  • Official prep materials developed by Cambridge Assessment English.
  • Free of charge.
  • Learn online and learn according to your own time.
  • Extensive coverage of Linguaskill reading & listening, writing, and speaking modules.
  • Explore test and question formats in detail for all four skills.
  • Free online sample tests for all four skills.
  • Scoring tips and strategies (video guides).

Access the self-learning online prep materials below.

Official Quick Guide to Linguaskill E-Book

Need more self-help for Cambridge Linguaskill?

Purchase the Official Quick Guide to Linguaskill E-Book

Author: Karen Ludlow
Published by Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment English

The Official Quick Guide to Linguaskill from Cambridge is your short, definitive guide to test success. It tells you everything you need to know in preparation for test day. Using this booklet you will know: the test format and timings, which version is for you - Linguaskill Business or Linguaskill General, test grading and results framework, what's in each module and tips for each part, and key points to remember for test day. You'll have a chance to practise exam tasks in the book and via online links. Brought to you by Cambridge University Press together with Cambridge Assessment English who produce the test itself. An ebook edition is also available via the Cambridge Bookshelf app.


  • 10 hours of familiarisation and practice of the test.
  • Information on the test structure and examples of every question type in the test.
  • Hints and tips on how to succeed in the test.
Purchase the E-Book from Cambridge


Introducing: NYC English Speak English Fast Programme

An award-winning, cloud-based English programmed designed to improve your speaking, listening, and reading results quickly.

Targeted Tests:

The NYC English Speak English Fast Programme is an award-winning, cloud-based English programme that is delivered through a downloadable app which runs on mobile, tablet, and PC/Mac. The app uses high-definition videos and animations that engage you with authentic English language communication. You can watch and hear your teachers and practice communicative tasks with its voice recognition tool, apply grammar rules to conversations, improve your speaking skills, and expand your vocabulary by learning key words associated to real world themes.

  • Free placement test to determine your starting level (CEFR).
  • Expand your vocabulary with 3,000+ English words and phrases.
  • Sharpen your speaking skills (pronunciation, enunciation, intonation) through 10,500+ speaking practices with speech correction technology.
  • 90 real world topics to better prepare you for whatever question the English examiner may ask you.
  • Interactive learning with 600+ video lessons and lesson transcripts.
  • Full mother language support included, including Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.
Learn More

B. Instructor-led Prep Classes

In addition to the online prep materials, you may also wish to enrol into a prep class conducted by one of our authorised Cambridge Linguaskill Test & Prep Centres.

  • Taught by an experienced Cambridge Linguaskill instructor.
  • Flexible timetable available.
  • Explore test and question formats in detail for all four skills.
  • Scoring tips and strategies, customised to the learner.
  • Classess to improve your reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills are available.

Find an authorised Cambridge Linguaskill Test & Prep Centre near you.

CPE TAR UC Linguaskill Test & Prep Centre

Conducted by Centre for Continuing & Professional Education
Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

Courses Offered (Online)

  • Seminar Classes (7 Hours + 1 Linguaskill 4-Skills Test)—RM560 to RM820 per person
  • Preparatory Course (16 Hours + 1 Linguaskill 4-Skills Test)—RM670 to RM930 per person
Visit the Official Website / Registration & More Info

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