Introducing Cambridge Linguaskill

The AI-Powered CEFR English Test by Cambridge Assessment English

Fast, accurate, and convenient, Cambridge Linguaskill is the most powerful and advanced English competency test developed by Cambridge Assessment English to-date. It is a 100% online and computer-based test, which enables test takers to be remotely proctored and have their English competency levels tested wherever they are. Cambridge Linguaskill tests all four English skills: Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking, all of which are computer-based and tested online. Powered by AI technology, Cambridge Linguaskill provides extremely accurate results within 48 hours or less, thanks to Cambridge's adaptive and automarking technologies. As a member of Cambridge's family of Cambridge English Qualifications and Tests, Cambridge Linguaskill joins a suite of one of the most recognised English competency tests around the world.

Take Linguaskill for University Admissions

Cambridge Linguaskill is a MOHE and MQA recognized international English competency test. Whether you are a Malaysian or international student enrolling into an Institution of Higher Learning in Malaysia, Cambridge Linguaskill is a fast, accurate, and convenient test that helps you enroll into the institution of your choice.

Take Linguaskill for Student Visa Application

Cambridge Linguaskill is recognized by EMGS. If you're an international student applying for a student visa in Malaysia, consider taking Cambridge Linguaskill. It is fast, easy to prepare for, and can be remotely proctored. If your institution is an authorised Cambridge Linguaskill Test Centre, speak to them and they will be able to help you get tested.

Take Linguaskill for Applications Overseas

Cambridge English Qualifications and Tests are widely recognised. Being both a CEFR English Test and Cambridge English Test, Cambridge Linguaskill may be used for a variety of applications overseas, including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and countries across Europe.

Take Linguaskill for Careers

Cambridge Linguaskill can unlock career opportunities for you, whether in Malaysia or overseas. The test comes in two variants: Linguaskill General and Linguaskill Business. Both variants deliver the same high-performance test experience, backed by the globally reputable and trusted brand of Cambridge.

Cambridge Linguaskill is One of the Most Popular English Tests for Admission into Malaysian Universities Today.

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An Official English Competency Test Recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.

Cambridge Linguaskill is officially recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), and Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). With effect from 5th August 2020, local and international students may sit for Cambridge Linguaskill as their official university admissions English test. International students may also take Cambridge Linguaskill for student visa applications in Malaysia.

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Need Help With Acing Your Linguaskill Test? Get the Official Cambridge Linguaskill Online Learning & Prep Courses.

Cambridge has published their most authoritative and comprehensive learning and preparation materials for Cambridge Linguaskill. With up to 40 hours of learning, practice, exercise, and mock test contents covering each of the four English skills in detail, the official online course developed by Cambridge will ensure you receive the maximum help you can get before you take the Linguaskill test. Available from RM75 per module. Click here to see the full test and learning course fees.

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What Makes the Cambridge Linguaskill Experience Different from Other Tests?

Remote Proctoring Capable

Unlike other English tests which require you to physically travel to a test centre, Cambridge Linguaskill can be taken remotely, wherever you are. Furthermore, Cambridge Linguaskill can be remotely proctored to ensure that the integrity of the test is preserved.

An Easy Test to Take

While Cambridge Linguaskill is not an easy test to score on, it is an easy test to sit for. There are no pen-and-paper or physical examiners involved. In addition, test takers determine their own pace of testing, as long as they are within the available time limit.

Extremely Fast Results

Cambridge Linguaskill results are available within 48 hours or less after the test has been completed. That's within 2 working days, compared to other tests which usually take up to one week or more. Take Cambridge Linguaskill if you urgently need to get tested.

Modular Skills Testing

In Cambridge Linguaskill, Reading & Listening, Writing, and Speaking skills are all tested separately. This can be really helpful for test takers, as you get to decide when and which skill to test first. If you get an unsatisfactory result in a particular skill, you have the option of retaking just that skill while leaving the other scores intact.

Truly On-Demand

How frequently do we run Cambridge Linguaskill test sessions? Every. Day. Of. The. Week. With Cambridge Linguaskill, we test according to your schedule, not ours. Plus, if you require testing on Sundays or after working hours, these can be arranged too (additional charges may apply).

Free Preparation Materials

Preparing for a Cambridge Linguaskill test is very easy. There are practice tests, sample tests, exam tips, and question formats given to test takers for free. Simply scroll further down this page to access these complimentary materials.

How Much Does Linguaskill Cost?

Taking the Linguaskill test won't break your bank. It costs just RM550 to take the Linguaskill 4-skills test. If you need to retake the test, Linguaskill costs just RM200 per module. The Linguaskill certification never expires and stays with you for life.

* An additional test centre fee of RM150 may apply. An additional weekend/after-working-hours surcharge of RM50 may also apply. Click here to see the full test fees.

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Knowledge Base

All you need to know about taking Cambridge Linguaskill and more.

Q. What is Cambridge Linguaskill and what is it used for?

Linguaskill is an international English competency test developed by Cambridge Assessment English. It is a CEFR English Test and a Cambridge English Test. Cambridge Linguaskill is used to prove your English competency level. Download the info sheet.

Q. How are the results of Cambridge Linguaskill presented?

Cambridge Linguaskill's results are benchmarked to three internationally recognised English competency scales: CEFR, Cambridge English, and IELTS scales. An overall result as well as individual results in each of the 4 skills are assessed and printed separately on the test report. Access the Scale Converter Tool

Q. What are the 4 skills of the English language?

The 4 skills refer to Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. Cambridge Linguaskill is a modular, 4-skills test, meaning each English skill may be tested separately.

Q. I am a student looking to enrol into a University in Malaysia. Can I take Cambridge Linguaskill instead of other English tests?

Yes, you can. Starting from 5 August 2020, Cambridge Linguaskill is one of five official English competency tests recognised by MOHE, MQA, and EMGS, the three regulatory bodies governing the higher education sector in Malaysia. If you need more information about this recognition, contact us.

Q. I am an international student studying in Malaysia. Can I take Cambridge Linguaskill for student visa applications?

Yes, you can. Starting from 5 August 2020, EMGS accepts Linguaskill for student visa applications and renewals. If you need more information about this, contact us.

Q. How is Cambridge Linguaskill benchmarked to MUET?

Cambridge Linguaskill is benchmarked to MUET via MOHE's result equivalency table released on 9 December 2019 (ref. JPT/GS 1000-630 [41]). For convenience, the equivalency table is listed here.

Q. Can Cambridge Linguaskill be taken instead of MUET?

Yes. Based on MQA's ongoing advice, until 31 December 2020, Cambridge Linguaskill may be taken in lieu of MUET as an entry/placement test into both public and private universities in Malaysia. This applies for both local and international students. Download the advisory notes from MQA here.

Q. Referring to the previous question, what happens after 31 December 2020?

Starting 1 January 2021, only local students enrolling into public universities in Malaysia are mandated to take the MUET test, except UPM and UTM. Cambridge Linguaskill may still be taken by (1) local/international students enrolling into private universities, (2) international students enrolling into public universities.

Q. How do I take the Cambridge Linguaskill test?

No matter where you are located in Malaysia, the first step to taking the Linguaskill test is the same: register yourself at our one-stop portal. Once you have registered, a Linguaskill Test Centre counsellor will contact you and personally guide you through the rest of the test-taking process. Register at our one-stop portal.

Q. Do I need to travel to a Test Centre to take the Cambridge Linguaskill test?

No, you do not. Linguaskill can be taken remotely as well as traditionally at an authorised Test Centre. Both options are available to you. (Both options are invigilated.)

Q. How long do Linguaskill tests take?

There are three modules (or "papers") in each Linguaskill test: (1) Speaking, 15 minutes; (2) Writing, 45 minutes; and (3) Reading & Listening, 85 minutes. You should be prepared to allocate 2.5 hours to 3 hours to complete the whole test. See the test formats here.

Q. Can I take the modules separately, or must they be taken all at once?

You can take the modules separately. As long as you take all 3 modules within 3 months, the results will still be combined into one test report.

Q. What is the difference between Cambridge Linguaskill, MUET, and IELTS?

They differ in several ways. MUET is a test developed by Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia (MPM), whereas Linguaskill and IELTS are developed by Cambridge Assessment English. MUET and IELTS are traditional tests, whereas Linguaskill is an AI-powered, 100% online and computer-based test. See Full Comparison Table.

Q. Can Linguaskill be taken for overseas migration, work, or study purposes?

Yes. In general, if a country accepts CEFR, Cambridge English, and/or IELTS English results, Cambridge Linguaskill can be used in that countries. Such countries include (but are not limited to) the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and countries in the European Union. However, do note that different countries may have slightly different policies, so always check carefully before deciding on any test.

Q. What will I receive after taking the Cambridge Linguaskill test?

Once you have completed the test, you will receive a Linguaskill test report issued by Cambridge Assessment English. Additionally, you will receive a cover letter issued by Cambridge Assessment English certifying the result equivalency of CEFR and Cambridge English Scales to the IELTS Scale, and MOHE's letter certifying the result equivalency of CEFR and Cambridge English Scales to the MUET Scale. View Sample Test Report

Q. Does my Cambridge Linguaskill test report expire like other English tests?

No, your Cambridge Linguaskill test report does not have an expiry date printed on it. Instead, the date you have taken the test is printed on the test report.

Q. Are there any prep classes I can take for Linguaskill?

Yes, there are two main ways you can prepare for Linguaskill. Firstly, check out our free self-preparatory guide and prep materials (you can find them below). This is the easiest way to prepare. Secondly, if you need more personal guidance, you may wish to enrol in one of our Linguaskill Test Preparatory Classes offered by our Authorised Test Centres.

Q. Are there any English learning classes for Linguaskill?

Yes, we offer Intensive English Programmes and Self-Study Programmes that help improve your Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing skills. Contact us to learn more.

Q. Should I take Cambridge Linguaskill for professional or career development? Is it suitable?

Yes. Cambridge Linguaskill is designed as a multi-purpose English competency test for both academic and non-academic applications. It comes in two variants: Linguaskill General and Linguaskill Business. You may select either variant depending on your professional needs.

Q. I’m interested to be a Cambridge Linguaskill agent. Is this possible?

Yes. As the exclusive partner for Cambridge Linguaskill in Malaysia, we are always on the lookout for partners who are as passionate about education. Visit this page for more information on how you can get started with us for Cambridge Linguaskill.

Ready to take Cambridge Linguaskill?

No matter where you are located in Malaysia, taking Cambridge Linguaskill is really easy. Head to our nationwide one-stop registration portal, complete the form, and one of our Test Centre Counsellors will get in touch and guide you through the rest of the way.

Unable to Travel to a Test Centre?

Not to worry. Cambridge Linguaskill can be remotely administered and remotely proctored. This means you can get yourself tested wherever you are, even from the comfort of your own home.

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