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Sasbadi English Solutions for Careers is a special division under the Sasbadi Education Group with a mission to offer the best English learning solutions for professional development in the market. Working with global and local experts in the English language, we design unique and effective English programmes for job seekers and working adults.

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Increase Your Employability

English communication is a core work skill that is required by almost every industry in the world. It is a skill that employers keenly look for, and HR surveys have shown that poor English communication skills is the No. 1 reason why most fresh graduates in Malaysia fail their job interviews.

1 English proficiency is a powerful employability enhancer.
2 According to the HR Survey conducted under IM's Human Capital Blueprint II—2016-2017 (Malaysia)

Fulfill Your Career Aspirations

Visit any job fair, and you'll notice that the large majority of interviews are conducted in English. This is not surprising. In some industries, especially multinationals, business communications are conducted almost entirely in English. Having a poor proficiency in English may mean that your dream of joining a particular industry can never be fulfilled.

Fast Track Your Career

Master your English and get it certified to fast track your career to greater heights. Mastering the four English skills—reading, listening, speaking, and writing—is essential for English communication, including high-powered meetings, presentations, public speaking, and negotiations, no matter which industry you're building your career in.

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