General English Learning & Training Software: With LMS

The Complete Self-Directed Learning English Programme for Employees.

The General English Learning & Training (G-ELT) with LMS software is a computer-based plus cloud-based English learning and training programme developed by Sasbadi Now-You-Can English and powered by NYC English, an English language communication specialist based in Utah, the United States of America.

Improve English Skills

Learn 3,000+ new vocabulary and phrases in everyday communication and how to use them effectively.

Boost Speaking Confidence

More than 10,200 practice speaking lines, with smart auto-pronunciation and enunciation (intonation, stress) correction.

Zero Task Disruption

Complete with powerful learning management system (LMS) to track own progress so that employees can learn in their own time.

Key Features of the Software

Computer/Mobile Based

The G-ELT programme is not a trainer-based programme. It is a programme that runs on any computer (PC or Mac) or any device (mobiles or tablets). Download the software's technical specification/requirements here.

Cloud Access

All instructional videos and learning contents are streamed directly from the cloud. This ensures that the programme stays updated with the latest contents.

Anytime, Anywhere

Cloud access also means that the programme can be accessed at anytime, from anywhere. Regardless of where your employee is located, you can be sure that they will be able to access the same learning content.

100% HRDF Financial Assistance

The G-ELT Software with LMS is 100% financially assisted under the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) Computer Based Training Scheme (CBT). For contributing members, this software can be purchased with 100% financial assistance.

Designed for Self-Learning

The G-ELT Programme is designed for self-learning. It comes complete with 600+ engaging instructional videos taught by native English speakers, 90 situational themes demonstrating the right usage of English, and automatic speech recognition/correction technology.

Visible Results in 1 Month

The powerful in-built LMS helps guide and direct self-learning. Employees can track their own completion progress, areas of weaknesses, and speaking accuracy to accelerate and maximise their learning efficiency.


Award Winning Learning & Training Curriculum

The G-ELT Programme is powered by NYC English, an award-winning English General English curriculum developed in the United States.


Includes Powerful English Assessment by Cambridge

The G-ELT Programme comes ready with Cambridge Linguaskill: an online, AI-powered English assessment test for Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking skills.

Use Linguaskill for progress testing.
Use Linguaskill results as promotion criteria.
Use Linguaskill as a test for hiring.


Get More Info from an Authorised G-ELT Agent

The G-ELT Programme can be purchased using HRDF's CBT Scheme. As part of the application process, you will require a quotation. Contact us and we will connect you to an authorised agent who will guide you every step of the way.


Materials for Human Resource Managers

HRDF CBT Scheme Infosheet
⤋ CBT Infosheet
Apply for HRDF CBT
➦ HRDF Application Portal

Supportive Learning Materials for Employees

The G-ELT Programme comes complete with English learning materials for learners of all levels. The learning materials are used to guide each person's self-learning journey in order to achieve their respective learning outcomes.

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