Boost Your Skill for Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking Tests

Accelerated short-courses designed to improve your English language skills in minimum time.

Learning English is hard, and passing your English test is even harder. That's why you need all the help you can get. Sasbadi Now-You-Can English's Skill Boosters are designed to boost your English skills so that you can pass that English test in the shortest time possible.


NYC English Speak English Fast Programme

An award-winning, cloud-based English programmed designed to improve your speaking, listening, and reading results quickly.

Targeted Tests:

The NYC English Speak English Fast Programme is an award-winning, cloud-based English programme that is delivered through a downloadable app which runs on mobile, tablet, and PC/Mac. The app uses high-definition videos and animations that engage you with authentic English language communication. You can watch and hear your teachers and practice communicative tasks with its voice recognition tool, apply grammar rules to conversations, improve your speaking skills, and expand your vocabulary by learning key words associated to real world themes.

  • Free placement test to determine your starting level (CEFR).
  • Expand your vocabulary with 3,000+ English words and phrases.
  • Sharpen your speaking skills (pronunciation, enunciation, intonation) through 10,500+ speaking practices with speech correction technology.
  • 90 real world topics to better prepare you for whatever question the English examiner may ask you.
  • Interactive learning with 600+ video lessons and lesson transcripts.
  • Full mother language support included, including Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.

How To Learn?

STEP 1. Register a new user account and login.

STEP 2. Select your level of study (CEFR A1/A2, B1/B2, or C1/C2).

STEP 3. Select your mother language support.

STEP 4. Choose a theme to start.

STEP 5. Click on the first lesson and the lesson materials will appear on the screen.

STEP 6. Learn the keywords. Read, listen, and speak them using the record and auto-correct function.

STEP 7. Watch the video lesson. Then, read the transcript and listen in English (or in your own mother language for better understanding).

STEP 8. Finally, practice the speaking lines given. The system will record your speech and correct you if you made a mistake.